Sunday Challenge

The newest competition to hit the Busselton Tennis club scene is the Sunday Challenge.  Following the reopening of the courts post Covid long term club member Bryce Godfrey saw a need for a new outlet for the playing of tennis.  Following the cancellation of the club championships he was missing the challenge of playing a strong game of singles tennis as well as missing the fellowship of fellow club members.  This saw the birth of the Sunday Challenge.

The format is based on the Thursday evening format.  Players are drawn to play against another of a similar standard across a set of singles and two sets of doubles.  Player ranking are based on results from the proceeding weeks. The reward for winning is stronger tennis next week.  So far the competition has been running in a low key format for a couple of months to try and iron out the kinks but we are looking to expand.

Players are asked to nominate each week (nominations close at 7pm Saturday evening).  You can nominate for a one off hit or can nominate each and every week whatever suits your lifestyle.  Every 6-8 weeks there is a score tally/reset with a winner declared.

What really lifts the format above the other tennis played at the club is he is opening up entries to everyone.  All the ranking decisions are to be based on results. Female, male, juniors, members, visitors and casual players are all welcome and will be ranked according results with your age and gender having no bearing on rankings.  There is no minimum skill level required with the exception you need to have a skill/fitness level to cope with the playing of a set of singles.  It is hoped that the “Challenge” will appeal to the better players within the club but also to players looking to take their tennis to the next level, there is nothing like a competitive game of singles to improve your game. There is also scope for the stronger juniors to get some big game experience.

To nominate or for more information contact Bryce Godfrey on his email [email protected]