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SILVERGoldNon-member /
Under 18
Valid ID
Membership Fee$100$200*$370*N/A$3050% disc on membership fee$20
Club Social Tennis**$10$5$0$15$0As per category selectedN/A
Structured Comps****$10$5$0$15$5As per category selectedN/A
Championships /
Handicap Comps***
$15$10$5N/A$5As per category selectedN/A
Pennants$10$5$5N/A$0As per category selectedN/A
Hard Court Hire per court/per hour
$10 Day
$15 Night
$5 Day
$10 Night
$0$20 Day
$25 Night
$0 Day
$5 Night
As per category selectedN/A
Grass Court Hire
per court/ per hour
$10$5$0N/A$0 Day
As per category selectedN/A
Activity Levy*N/A$80$80N/AN/AAs per category selectedN/A
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*Gold and Silver memberships will be required to select 3 volunteer activities to be exempt from the volunteer
levy. They can elect not to volunteer but must contribute an extra $80 on top of their membership fee as a non volunteer levy.

**Club Social Tennis: Wednesday Morning, Saturday / Sunday Afternoon.

***Club Championship and Handicap Competitions: All membership tiers qualify to play, upon paying the appropriate fees where applicable.

****Structured comps: Structured Comps include: Tuesday & Thursday Night Comps; Thursday Scroungers;
Sanderson Cup; & future Structured Comps to be introduced when available.

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